Online tickets for château Hrádek u Nechanic

Save time and pre-order your tickets for the château

In order to stricter rules for Vistors during the Covid 19 - pandemic,e prefer cashless payment for purchases. 

Buy online tickets for guided tour:

On basic circuits on the château Hrádek u Nechanic can you buy  e-Tickets. On guided tour we have available only at selected time per day.  If you any problem for this time buy tickets directly cashless on cash office château.  This reservation system is not available for excursion of groups, it is necessary to make reservations per e-mail or phone. 

You must to be in time on guided tour. E-ticket is valid in printed format only. If you have not ticket by e-mail, look to your spam box. Claims for ticket refunds should be send per e-mail: 

Buy online tickets